Themes and Genres and Stories, OH MY!

Instead of “Lions and Tigers and Bears”….. I am chanting “Themes, and Genres, and Stories”. And yes, the oh my part comes listen, then subtly help them reimagine their story ideas. Often, a story idea involves everyone dying a violent death, and sad music with a fade to black. By the time the movie is made however, a hero emerges, light shines, somewhere, embedded in the message, hope is restored. However, you can expect some serious, mature and significant themes which seem to help these youth navigate the tide of societal and developmental issues washing over them. I do not discourage them, in fact I encourage them, but as stated, must help them find balance. I expect approximately 20 short films at this year’s Film Festival.

As I write, I am finding documentaries, PSA ( Public Service Announcements ) Music Videos, and Narrative shorts on topics ranging from the LGBGT community, sexual abuse, finding oneself and fitting in, and a few delightful art films and comedies-thank God. Pre Production writing continues this week, and then…’s, LIGHTS, CAMERAS, ACTION-Literally. Thanks for all your support.