Welcome Back 2019

And the wheels turns once again. I am back for my eighteenth year and the fire is still burning, perhaps not quite as hot, but

I am very happy to be back, inspiring creative thinking, encouraging exploration, and enlightening through media the young minds of our Sonoma community.

Much of the Summer was spent gutting the Media Lab, tearing our hundreds of feet of old cables, defunct power strips and generally cleaning from top to bottom every surface. Thanks to Lauren Warona ( Cleaning Maven ) and Sean Callahan ( Wizard of Technology ) we got it done.

in addition, we upgraded computer servers, replaced broken lighting gear, added new microphones and gave the room a sort of cool, hip feeling with colorful, LED mood lighting. ( Many Thanks To Plein Air Board for the Emergency Summer Grant ).

Here we go. We look forward to sharing our projects with you throughout the year. Of course, we would not be here at all, if not for the ongoing support of the Sonoma International Film Festival. Please support them. When they succeed, we flourish.

More Pics of our very Clean, Very Cool Facility. Come see for yourselves. Contact: Peter Hansen. phansen@sonomaschools.org