Montage and Chroma and Foley Oh My!

Well, the 2019-2020 year is off to a sprinting start. It is perhaps my best in my eighteen years. A great mix of grades 9-12, plenty of diversity, and the energy is high. I’m still here, running with my hair on fire and enjoying the heat.

So far, we have explored the Montage Sequence, helping students to learn the interface of Adobe Premiere. Then immediately to Chroma Key ( Green Screen ). Think kids flying through space, kicking soccer balls over the Great Wall of China, and running from Dinosaurs. We paused for an important film – Green Book, and discussion of course, and then on to a sound project. We are creating a story with sounds only. No visual, no music, no dialog. Just home made sound effects. jingling of keys, bubble wrap for popcorn sounds, thunder from a garbage can, etc. A big stretch for these digital creators, and for the audience trying to figure out what is happening. “Dead Poets Society” is always a hit and resonates so much with this age. This is where we are now. On Thursday and Friday, students will be learning about Thoreau, existential philosophy, coming of age genres, character development and writing essays on the themes of this important movie. The Advanced Class is doing the same for the movie CRASH – Paul Haggis’ 2004 Oscar masterpiece on race relations in Los Angeles. Thanksgiving break is next and then……Film Festival Season. Stay tuned. Check out our podcast site too, as we are ramping up the radio shows and podcasts every week. Thanks for supporting us. Carpe Diem!