Greetings: What I can tell you is: All 24 films are ready to show. Each film has a poster. Each film has it’s own trailer.

Each film has a place in the two-hour show. Each film is AWESOME! Honestly, my favorite in a long long time. So much laughter and love, artistry, inspiration and, silliness and insouciant behavior- what we all need now.

What I can’t tell you for certain is the date and time. We are on track for April 17th, but need some testing first. It is all technical, costly, and time consuming. We are using a Microsoft streaming Service to guarantee delivery across multiple platforms, phones, ipads, computers, etc.

Sean Callahan, X45 Engineering ( former student and current owner of x45 broadcast engineering ) is my consultant and Wizard in all of this. Thanks Sean. I had him as a Freshman in 2012 I think.

So, stay tuned. Very soon, like this weekend, we WILL launch all trailers and posters and details on the date and time. Be well and thanks for your support.