Film Fest-PG 13-Appropriate


7:00 p.m.

This screening reflects High-School age material, content, and language. While the majority are appropriate, some themes
may not be for all viewers, especially those under ten. A parental Advisory Before the few films of concerns will be displayed.

This screening is primarily a showcase of student achievements, whose primary audience is the filmmakers themselves.

Below is a list of links that are appropriate – inspirational and fun for all. ( not available during the Livestream itself )

NIGHTMARE ON SESAME STREET Run Time: 5:00: On Elmo Attacking High Schoolers. Silly fun.

HOBBIES FOR DUMMIES: Run Time: 5:00. Very Awkward High School Students Describe their Hobbies. Funny, silly, fun.

WHO We ARE: Run Time: 5:00. Documentary. Explores different races and cultures of young people.

LOOK UP: Run Time: 3:00. A nicely narrated piece about getting out, away from the phones and “looking up”

NOTICED: Run Time: 2:00. Inspirational Sports Metaphor Video About Being Your Best.

SPREAD THE WORD: Run Time. 3:10. Pure joy. Positive messaging about being kind in your daily life.

PASSION: Run Time: 3:30. What is your passion. A few high School students share their own, and why.

THE LONELY ROAD: Run Time: 1:30. Claymation – Art. A lonely character finds friends when he needs them most.