Student Films-SIFF August

A few of the best of recent years will be seen during the “on line” Sonoma International Film Festival coming up the first of August. Stay tuned for the schedule and screen times. For now, here is the likely line up of those being honored for quality and commitment to story.

Show Intto-Sponsor Logo/Thanks
1.). OUTRO: 2012. ( five minutes ).  2012-classic.   SIFF Shorts award.0:30 to 5:00
2.) 24 Hours – ( what if you had 24 hours left to live  – documentary – drama – light and fun )5:00 to 10:32

3.). Noticed – Inspirational, motivational, sports theme.10:35 to 12:35
4.) Skater Boy Blues.   Comedy.   What if Tony Hawk was your neighbor and skate trainer-boy meets girls thing too.  Funny.  Fun acting.12:38 to 22:00
5.). Spread The WORD.   Inspirational and humanitarian art piece.22:00 TO 25:00
6.) Passions.  What is your passion.  Mini Doc, following three artists.25:00 to 28:307.) Who We Are.   Documentary on ethnicity.
28:30 to 33:50
8.) Surf Trap.   The life of a surfer.   Awesome cinematography and water cinematography.   Great editing.33:50 to 36:30
9.) inconvenient.   Humor.   Dark Humor.   Bank robbers and best friends in an ally, facing their fate.36:30 to 41:00