Back To School Night-Fall 2020

Parent’s Night

Greetings and Welcome. Just like we miss out students, we also miss the opportunity to visit with you all, and create connections, some of which last years, and beyond.

Once the Pandemic is behind us, and our Site is once again open to the public, I welcome you for in-person meetings, individual tours, and discussions.

Being a Media Class, I will let visuals help tell our story, and give you a sense of what transpires inside of the Media Arts Lab, rooms H-1 and H-2, my “six rooms of wonderment” in Video Arts at SVHS.

At your leisure, please follow the links below for short Videos of lab tours, students in action, class syllabus, and contact information.
I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening, Sept. 23rd, between 6 and 8 p.m.

  • SVHS Administration will be sending ZOOM Links and other relevant links and information prior to Wednesday.
    Thank you for your support.


Class Sylabus – Beginning Video Arts. Advanced Video Arts: Sylabus modified for Covid-To be presented at Back To School Night.

Advanced Video – Syllabus – Temporary One

Post any questions here, Instead of on ZOOM CHAT – or feel free to email anytime. A response within 48 hours will be returned.

Distance Learning-Room H-1, Classroom Technology and teaching environment. 2020

About SVHS Media Arts Program-With Students- 2018.

Video Arts – Advanced Video – NBC News Segment

Sample Podcast-Podcast Room. 2019.

Sample PSAs. ( see Home Page of SVHSVIDEO.COM ) for a few samples. Changes Weekly.