Student Film Fest 2021-TEEN ONLY

TUESDAY July 6th. 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. Sebastiani Theatre.

Greetings. Yes, this private event is for teens and alums. It is not a school-sponsored event.
Of course, if you are a parent, and your son or daughter is attending and you need or want to be present – simply contact me.
( 707) 292-0924

  • Popcorn and a soda are complementary.

The show is two hours: Here is the Agenda:
* 7:30 doors open. ( Playlist Music by Bella, Beach balls, and free popcorn while you wait )
* 8:15 the show begins, with Isabella Quilici as your Emcee.
** The final film’s theme and content (language) unsuitable for younger audiences or those sensitive to profanity.
* 10:15 the show ends.
* 10:15 Filmmakers and actors come forward for a Q&A period about their films.
* 10:30 to 11:00. ( Parent Pick Up, Theatre Clean Up, and Close of show )

This event is underwritten by generous donors, along with the support of The Sonoma International Film Festival, The Sonoma Valley Education Foundation, and Roger and Tony of the Sebastiani Theatre.

What a great community we live in. Thank you!
See you at the Movies!

Mr. Hansen