Spring Rally ’22

Just what the doctor ordered. School Spirit, Teen Awesomeness, and a reminder how great it is to be a Dragon.The students of Sonoma Valley High School-specifically the Leadership class, led by Caroline Studdert and Fernie Alvarez, brought back the Spirit of the Dragon with a 45 minute Spring Rally. Dances, Student-Staff Basketball game, and more. … Read more

Film Fest 2022

37 Films this year for the Wednesday Show at Sebastiani Theatre. 275 In Attendance. 21 Films for the Sunday Show at Community Center. 105 In Attendance. A successful 20th year of Student Works Films Comes to a close. Thanks to the Sonoma Valley International Film Festival for letting us be part of their 25th Celebration.More … Read more

Student Films-Aug 8th

Greetings: The Juy 5th “Teen Only” film fest was a hit. Over 100 teens showed to see twenty plus student films. NOW, it’s time for our community to come celebrate their creative achievements. PUBLIC, FREE, and LOCAL. August 8th. SUNDAY, 12:00 Noon to 1:30 at the Community Center ( Andrews Hall ). Twenty short films … Read more

Student Film Fest 2021-TEEN ONLY

TUESDAY July 6th. 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. Sebastiani Theatre. Greetings. Yes, this private event is for teens and alums. It is not a school-sponsored event.Of course, if you are a parent, and your son or daughter is attending and you need or want to be present – simply contact me. phansen@sonomaschools.org( 707) 292-0924 Popcorn and … Read more


Goodness what a year in Media Arts. We managed quite well thanks to the technology we have, and due to the student’s need for creative and cathartic expression. While far from the crackling energy and creative synergy typical of the group dynamics of Media Arts, students produced some outstanding videos on their own, at home. … Read more


Times are challenging to say the least. So, being a movie fan, I take inspiration fromMary Poppins, Classic 1950s Musicals, and then there is the infamous Robin Williams. So, good morning. No agenda, just trying my best to bring a little sunshine where, and It is needed most. LINK TO PODCAST ( Five Minutes )

Back To School Night-Fall 2020

Greetings and Welcome. Just like we miss out students, we also miss the opportunity to visit with you all, and create connections, some of which last years, and beyond. Once the Pandemic is behind us, and our Site is once again open to the public, I welcome you for in-person meetings, individual tours, and discussions. … Read more

Student Films-SIFF August

A few of the best of recent years will be seen during the “on line” Sonoma International Film Festival coming up the first of August. Stay tuned for the schedule and screen times. For now, here is the likely line up of those being honored for quality and commitment to story. Show Intto-Sponsor Logo/Thanks1.). OUTRO: … Read more


Please Join Us: Tuesday June 2nd. 7:00 p.m. LIVESTREAM of the Senior Class Video.Join the memories, hear the stories, share in the congratulations. Edited by: Sophia Portello. ACCESS THE LIVESTREAM ( AFTER 6:30 p.m. on June 2nd ) BY CLICKING LINK Or, go to: www.svhsvideo.com Please TWEET Your Congratulation and comments using our TWITTER HASH … Read more