Thanksgiving ’23

We are grateful for the parents, guardians, Civic and Community organizations, SVHS Admin,and all who protect and support us here at SVHS Media Arts. This year’s Broadcast Team isbeyond exceptional. I am very proud of them. December 14th we celebrate the Holidays with a special show. Don’t Miss It! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving. We hope … Read more

Homecoming ReCap Bcast-11-3-23

HOMECOMING 2023 RECAP: 18:36 TRTWhat a great day for DRAGONCAST TEAM. Everyone came together, in synch, and brought their best game.Huge Shouts to those that filmed edited on their own time, all week to bring forth such quality media. ( Genevieve Smith @ Genfillms ). Adriel Velazquez, Richie Cross, Lola, Alegria and Teagan, and others…and … Read more

Campus Beautification

Traditions of Seasonal Decorations Continued This Week, Under The Leadership of Alegria, Kendal and Teagan.The Front Sign Landscaping- a parent group and community-funded project will be done just in time for Homecoming.Sonoma Community Rocks! Thank you al for your support.LINK TO SONOMA IT Slide Show and Article

Fall 2023-Media Arts

The Fall Season for Media Arts has begun, and the creativity and infectious youthful energy is on full boil: In particular, the Advanced Media – Broadcasting Class is on fire, chrunin gout two shows a week.See Links below to a few of the latest Broadcast shows: LINK: October 20th, 2023:Homecoming Candidates: 20 Minutes. ( Meet … Read more

2023 Film Festival Update

Greetings:Unfortunately the 2023 Student Works Film Festival during the Sonoma International Film Festival is postponed. There will be no screening of student films during March 22nd through March 26th. A later date in Late May, or possibly even in June will be scheduled for screenings at Sebastiani Theatre. Stay tuned for details. The films are … Read more

Broadcast #3 – September 13, 2022

Very nice 14 minute Broadcast:Super Proud of my growing team of broadcasters. Program:* Anchors* News & Updates* Student Shorts – Around Campus.  Students and Staff  ( Two minutes each )* Sam Cool-Class Pres Thanks To students* Neon Dance* Sports. ( two videos )* Outro

Broadcast #2

Our second Broadcast. Live.Anchors, Ms. Hansen Thanks for Authors Day, Sports Action ( football and volleyball) and inspiration ( Make your bed )


Short Film: Ethan Smith. Gravity. Sara Bareilles-Artist When Your World Is Crushed By Gravity Run Time: 2:30 LINK