Greetings: What I can tell you is: All 24 films are ready to show. Each film has a poster. Each film has it’s own trailer. Each film has a place in the two-hour show. Each film is AWESOME! Honestly, my favorite in a long long time. So much laughter and love, artistry, inspiration and, silliness … Read more

LiveStream Film Festival

Greetings and best wishes for sanity and good health to you all. The student films delivered, just before Spring Break are fantastic, funny, poignant, educating, cinematic, etc……THEY WILL BE SEEN SOON. Tentative Date: April 17th, Friday. Time and web access to be delivered here. Likely it will be streamed on We are working hard … Read more

Film fest canceled/postponed

The 2020 “Student Works” film festival, off site, is officially canceled (postponed ). Corona Virus – Health Concerns. An on-campus screening – for students only- will happen in its place in the near future. A Sebastiani Theatre screening event for the public, of the 2020 student films, will happen in the future. This cancellation follows: … Read more

Film Festival 2020

Here we are again – #18. Exciting to be in the trenches with the filmmakers of SVHS Media Arts Program once again, pushing deadlines, refining plot points and polishing their final projects. The 2020 Student Works Film Festival will be: March 26th, Thursday, SEBASTIANI THEATRE:10:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon. ( Q&A After )Open to the … Read more

George Stewart- ’19

So, yeah. We are all pretty proud of George. Find your passion, find your life. George seemed to find his in filmmaking at a young age, with his bestie Jackson Barbagelata, who also is studying film at Cal State Northridge. It was a highlight and one of the great honors of my career to help … Read more

Montage and Chroma and Foley Oh My!

Well, the 2019-2020 year is off to a sprinting start. It is perhaps my best in my eighteen years. A great mix of grades 9-12, plenty of diversity, and the energy is high. I’m still here, running with my hair on fire and enjoying the heat. So far, we have explored the Montage Sequence, helping … Read more

Welcome Back 2019

And the wheels turns once again. I am back for my eighteenth year and the fire is still burning, perhaps not quite as hot, but I am very happy to be back, inspiring creative thinking, encouraging exploration, and enlightening through media the young minds of our Sonoma community. Much of the Summer was spent gutting … Read more

Sweet Summer

Seniors will be gathered on Monday, June 3rd, for the time-honored tradition of the “Senior Send Off Video”. In twenty minutes, they will watch their past four years at Sonoma Valley High School flash before them. Maya G., Siobhan H. and Eden S., worked hard at bringing to life ( editing ) the pictures and … Read more