Weekend Workshops

The Final Push For Film Festival Showstoppers is on. Three more weekends and the 2019 Student Works Film Festival will be complete. Deadline: March 2nd. ( March 3rd, 4th, and 5th for judging of the best, and last minute polish edits ) NO WORKSHOP SATURDAY 16th. OPEN SUNDAY Feb. 17th : 11-4 Stay tuned for … Read more

Themes and Genres and Stories, OH MY!

Instead of “Lions and Tigers and Bears”….. I am chanting “Themes, and Genres, and Stories”. And yes, the oh my part comes listen, then subtly help them reimagine their story ideas. Often, a story idea involves everyone dying a violent death, and sad music with a fade to black. By the time the movie is made however, a hero emerges, light shines, somewhere, embedded in the message, hope is restored. However, you can expect some serious, mature and significant themes which seem to help these youth navigate the tide of societal and developmental issues washing over them. I do not discourage them, in fact I encourage them, but as stated, must help them find balance. I expect approximately 20 short films at this year’s Film Festival.

As I write, I am finding documentaries, PSA ( Public Service Announcements ) Music Videos, and Narrative shorts on topics ranging from the LGBGT community, sexual abuse, finding oneself and fitting in, and a few delightful art films and comedies-thank God. Pre Production writing continues this week, and then…..it’s, LIGHTS, CAMERAS, ACTION-Literally. Thanks for all your support.

New Year -2019

Here we go! Film Festival Season – our seventeenth. Never imagined that when I took a part-time job, teaching two classes in 2002, that we would be here today doing all we do and feeling so much a part of this fabulous community. As is my style, I avoid restricting the Student Film Festival to … Read more

SVHS Video web site

The Media Arts Web Site is finally coming back to life.   Eighteen years of great films and memories of times gone by.  This is a valuable resource for me as a teaching tool in class, and for the critiquing of films.  I have received chorus of grateful sentiments, from students and community, that is it … Read more

Homecoming Week

It’s Homecoming week and the campus is full of Hawaiian shirts for Beach Day, Wacky Tacky Outfits for Wacky Tacky Day, Spirit Day etc. Homecoming Carnivals, Parades, games, dances, and more.  Hope everyone enjoys themselves.   Check in the week of Oct. 22nd for a Recap Broadcast of all the week’s activities.   OTHER:  The podcast room/radio … Read more

Welcome Back 2018

Greetings.   Feels good to be back.  My eighteenth year at SVHS, teaching media, film culture, and television broadcasting.   This year, we venture into Podcasting.  Stay tuned. Many of you have asked about the student films and other community media we produce.  Well, they all took a long nap, but are being slowly, and deliberately woken, … Read more