Festival Re Cap-2020

Thank you to 811 people who checked into our Live Stream Event. What a great way to unify our community in a time unity is so lacking. The laughs, the tweets, and the moments of inspiration and cinematic art made it grand. We will do more. We Briefly crashed one server at the start, with … Read more

Film Fest-PG 13-Appropriate

Greetings: TONIGHT IS THE LIVESTREAM7:00 p.m.www.svhsvideo.com This screening reflects High-School age material, content, and language. While the majority are appropriate, some themes may not be for all viewers, especially those under ten. A parental Advisory Before the few films of concerns will be displayed. This screening is primarily a showcase of student achievements, whose primary … Read more

Promotional Video-2020 Film Festival

LINK TO LATEST 2020 Student Showcase of Films Promotional Video. Friday April 17th7:00 to 9:00 p.m.www.svhsvideo.com #SVHSFilmFest24 films. Beginning and Advanced Classes Live Stream Production and Social Media Management by:Former SVHS Media Arts Alums:Sean Callahan – Technical WizardJen Howlett – Social Media managerAnita Scheiblich – SDSU Film and Television Major- Content Provider and Marketing Manager … Read more

Student Showcase – Movie Promo.

Here is a 90 second Movie Trailer/Prom for the 2020 Student Showcase of films, Live Streaming LINK TO MOVIE PROMOEVENT REMINDER: Friday April 17th, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ( go to: www.svhsvideo.com )* Video Produced by: Anita Scheiblich, ’17 SVHS. Currently, A Film School Major, SDSU. Thanks Anita.


It’s Showtime. Let’s Start With 24 Awesome Movie Trailers to get you warmed up. CLICK HERE FOR TRAILERS The Actual LIVE STREAM EVENT will be next Friday, April 17th. 7:00 p.m. to 9:30. The Event will be streamed from this Web Site: www.svhsvideo.com Please check back next week for details. But for now, Enjoy the … Read more


Greetings: What I can tell you is: All 24 films are ready to show. Each film has a poster. Each film has it’s own trailer. Each film has a place in the two-hour show. Each film is AWESOME! Honestly, my favorite in a long long time. So much laughter and love, artistry, inspiration and, silliness … Read more

LiveStream Film Festival

Greetings and best wishes for sanity and good health to you all. The student films delivered, just before Spring Break are fantastic, funny, poignant, educating, cinematic, etc……THEY WILL BE SEEN SOON. Tentative Date: April 17th, Friday. Time and web access to be delivered here. Likely it will be streamed on www.svhsvideo.com. We are working hard … Read more

Film fest canceled/postponed

The 2020 “Student Works” film festival, off site, is officially canceled (postponed ). Corona Virus – Health Concerns. An on-campus screening – for students only- will happen in its place in the near future. A Sebastiani Theatre screening event for the public, of the 2020 student films, will happen in the future. This cancellation follows: … Read more

Film Festival 2020

Here we are again – #18. Exciting to be in the trenches with the filmmakers of SVHS Media Arts Program once again, pushing deadlines, refining plot points and polishing their final projects. The 2020 Student Works Film Festival will be: March 26th, Thursday, SEBASTIANI THEATRE:10:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon. ( Q&A After )Open to the … Read more