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  • 2023 Blog-Click Here
    Film Festival Update Greetings:Unfortunately the 2023 Student Works Film Festival during the Sonoma International Film Festival is postponed. There will be no screening of student films during March 22nd through March 26th. A later date in Late May, or possibly even in June will be scheduled for screenings at Sebastiani Theatre. Stay tuned for details. … Read more
  • Broadcast #3 – September 13, 2022
    Very nice 14 minute Broadcast:Super Proud of my growing team of broadcasters. Program:* Anchors* News & Updates* Student Shorts – Around Campus.  Students and Staff  ( Two minutes each )* Sam Cool-Class Pres Thanks To students* Neon Dance* Sports. ( two videos )* Outro
  • Broadcast #2
    Our second Broadcast. Live.Anchors, Ms. Hansen Thanks for Authors Day, Sports Action ( football and volleyball) and inspiration ( Make your bed )