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  • 2023
    We begin 2023 as we have for 21 years. Pre Production – Sniffing out stories, scenes, plots, themes, and tapping into unknown talent as actors.March 22nd is our film festival, Sebastiani Theatre, where 25 of the best student shorts will be showcased. Stay tuned. Greetings. Happy New Year. The year 2023 -out 21st- will once … Read more
  • Broadcast #3 – September 13, 2022
    Very nice 14 minute Broadcast:Super Proud of my growing team of broadcasters. Program:* Anchors* News & Updates* Student Shorts – Around Campus.  Students and Staff  ( Two minutes each )* Sam Cool-Class Pres Thanks To students* Neon Dance* Sports. ( two videos )* Outro
  • Broadcast #2
    Our second Broadcast. Live.Anchors, Ms. Hansen Thanks for Authors Day, Sports Action ( football and volleyball) and inspiration ( Make your bed )