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  • Student Film Fest 2021-TEEN ONLY
    TUESDAY July 6th. 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. Sebastiani Theatre. Greetings. Yes, this private event is for teens and alums. It is not a school-sponsored event.Of course, if you are a parent, and your son or daughter is attending and you need or want to be present – simply contact me. [email protected]( 707) 292-0924 Popcorn and … Read more
    Goodness what a year in Media Arts. We managed quite well thanks to the technology we have, and due to the student’s need for creative and cathartic expression. While far from the crackling energy and creative synergy typical of the group dynamics of Media Arts, students produced some outstanding videos on their own, at home. … Read more
  • Enthusiasm
    Times are challenging to say the least. So, being a movie fan, I take inspiration fromMary Poppins, Classic 1950s Musicals, and then there is the infamous Robin Williams. So, good morning. No agenda, just trying my best to bring a little sunshine where, and It is needed most. LINK TO PODCAST ( Five Minutes )